4 Challenges to Excellent Essay Writing

Regardless of the type of essay or paper, writing can be a challenge for many students. Whether it’s choosing a topic, creating a thesis statement or utilizing adequate citation for their sources, the process of essay writing is a long and tedious one, often riddled with roadblocks. Below are just a few of the troubles students face when writing essays, our hope is that by understanding these, students can avoid them in their writing process.

1) Where to Start

Sometimes figuring out where to start is the most difficult issue a student faces when writing an essay. A lack of planning and brainstorming often results in a struggle to identify a theme, topic or subject. In order to streamline the writing process, it is helpful to jot down uncesored ideas as they come. Copying down all ideas during the brainstorming process helps the writer to pick and choose the most relevant concepts before beginning.

2) What’s the Point?

The thesis statement is where the writer expresses the point of the essay. A clearly defined thesis statement contributes to the flow and structure of the entire essay. Drafting a thesis prior to diving in helps organize the writers thoughts and provides an opportunity to seek feedback on the concept before proceeding. When creating a thesis statement, it pays to keep it simple and focus on just one clearly expressed idea or concept.

3) Overcoming Insecurity

Insecurity holds many writers back from achieving their full potential. Fear of failure or dwelling on negative past experiences can result in some serious writers block. We recommend jumping in after brainstorming and writing a preliminary draft. This allows the writer to begin formulating their ideas without any expectation of perfection. Creating a framework is a great way to build confidence and send writers on the path to essay completion.

4) Citations

Strategic documentation of sources is an important part of essay writing, if one wishes to avoid plagiarism. Unfortunately this is an area of great confusion and incorrect citations, whether intentional or otherwise are problematic. Careful documentation of resources during the research phases of essay writing is one way to avoid citation situations. From there, use in-text citations, footers and works-cited pages to ensure that credit is given where credit is due.
We recommend adequate preparation to ensure that essay writing is not left until the last minute. Planning, researching, drafting and execution are a few of the steps to success. Finally, ensuring that all direct quotes and paraphrasings are cited helps put writers on the path to essay success. We are here to help students overcome many of the troubles of essay writing with “How To Write Excellent Essays in 7 Easy Steps”, now available in Websters Academy.

February 19, 2017

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