5 Ways Your Child Will Benefit From Online Learning

5 Ways Your Child Will Benefit From Online Learning!

Technology is at the forefront of nearly everything we do and yet we see surprisingly little of it in our schooling system. Not only that, but we see ever increasing class sizes, ever shrinking resource pools and ever generalized lesson plans that suit the students just about as well as a “one size-fits all” shoe. What happens when the shoe gets a little too tight and classrooms get a little too cramped? Education takes a turn for the worst and children don’t get the one on one attention or specialized lesson plans they need.
*Enter online learning; a concept that has the potential to overcome many of the struggles that the public school systems cannot. Let’s delve deeper and find out 5 ways your child could benefit from online learning.

1) Online Courses Encourage Self-Paced Learning

Self-paced learning allows students to slow down and allot additional time and energy to new or particularly challenging subject matter, resuming their other lessons once they feel confident. We know that practice makes perfect and not every student will get something on the first try, online learning is really just practicing what we preach and allowing students the time they need to master a topic.
Technology is Advancing and So Are Students!

2) Self-Directed and Self-Selected Learning

Increasingly impressive educational platforms are offering more options than ever before and now allow for learning via games and other traditional and non traditional activities.
Whereas most classrooms and older online learning models operate in a very linear fashion, not allowing for any freedom of choice within the designated curriculum, modern e-learning is far more adaptable to the students needs and interests. Educational games promote confidence as children breeze through their stronger subjects and have time to explore more difficult ones. All in an enjoyable format, creating a mindset that encourages them to tackle the tough stuff that may lie ahead. These programs offer only what the student is ready to tackle and saves the rest for later.

3) More Engagement and Confidence Building

Do you remember the “choose your adventure” style books that children used to love? Similarly, when they are able to take control of their learning experience, focus on subject matter that’s of interest to them and take their time to really learn, a surprising thing happens… Your child becomes happier, more engaged and more confident! In a sophisticated learning platform, your child will have the option of utilizing the tools and methods of learning that they feel most comfortable with and that are adapted to the way they learn best. We know that this type of adaptive learning is key to anyone’s learning success from childhood right up to adulthood.

4) Adaptable Programs Catering To Various Learning Styles

We all have different strengths and ways we learn best. Some of us are visual, some auditory, and some Learning Stylelearn by doing. Online learning options cater to these learning styles by offering a wide variety of tools and tactics for students to use when learning any given topic. The result is a unique lesson program that works with them in the way they work best!

You may find this quiz interesting if you would like to find out more about learning styles and how they work.


5) Learning Can Occur Anytime, Anywhere

Whether your child is a morning person or a night owl, they can tackle lessons any time and this can be built into the natural “up” points in their day. There’s no reasoning with a child who is too tired, cranky or hungry to focus and similarly, there’s no teaching or learning happening during those times either. Having an adaptable schedule means that students can learn when they are at their best and they can learn more effectively and efficiently

OK, This Is A Bonus That Was Foreshadowed In The First Line of This Article

6) E-learning Promotes Computer Literacyset for success

Remember, “technology is at the forefront of nearly everything we do” and this trend is becoming increasingly prevalent. More jobs are moving online and e-commerce and telecommuting jobs are becoming the new norm. Online learning platforms help students integrate a wealth of tech-related knowledge and information into their daily studies without even knowing they’re learning it. Now that’s what I call setting your child up for success in both school and in life!



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