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Dr. J.B. Webster

james_websterFor over one hundred years, the name Webster has been synonymous with words, clarity and communication. Now the practical use of those concepts is available through the writing program created by Dr. J.B. Webster. While the educational system has struggled to present this vital discipline to its students, Webster’s Academy has chosen to specialize in this often neglected area.

The writing system developed by Dr. Webster spans more than half a century of classroom implementation and development. From a one-room log schoolhouse in Northern Saskatchewan teaching fifty-five students in grades one through ten, to training Ph.D. candidates at prestigious universities, Dr. Webster brings a rare breadth of experience, wisdom and simplicity to the discipline of writing.

After many years of attempting to develop a practical system of teaching writing, Dr. Webster was amazed to discover the extraordinary results being produced in a Grade One classroom by the students of his aunt, Anna Ingham. Many of her students were writing above the grade five level of Dr. Webster’s students. Mrs. Ingham had created a system called “The Blended Sound-Sight Method of Learning” for which she later received the Governor General’s Award of Canada recognizing her unique contribution to the education of Canadian children. The Blended Sight-Sound Methodology became the foundation for Dr. Webster’s classic teacher resource “Blended Structure and Style in Composition.” Over the past twenty-five years, Mrs. Ingham and Dr. Webster have trained literally hundreds of teachers with their amazing reading and writing system.

Webster’s Academy was founded to perpetuate the quality and integrity of the teaching writing system developed by Dr. Webster. Today that same writing system is passed on through “Master Teachers” who are uniquely qualified to train instructors in the full “Blended Structure and Style” Program. These instructors faithfully pass on to their Webster’s Academy students the same teaching and support they would have received from Dr. Webster personally.

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