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Basic Grammar for All Writers

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Basic Grammar for All Writers  by Corinne Plett addresses and corrects the most common grammatical errors found in the writing of incoming Webster’s Academy students at all grade levels, from middle and high school, up to college levels.

Specifically designed for intermediate and advanced level students, this short course addresses issues like:

  • identifying the parts of speech: nouns, pronouns, verbs,
  • incomplete and run-on sentences, sentence fragments
  • sentence types
  • agreement of subjects and predicates,
  • clauses and phrases
  • comma usage
  • conjunctions and run-on sentences
  • articles and contractions
  • and often misused words.

The four units of this course are taught in four twenty-minute videos by Corinne Plett, who guides students through the accompanying  downloadable 100-page manual full of grammar resources and practice exercises.

At the end of the course, students will be able to correct their own grammatical work before presenting their Webster’s Academy assignments for marking by the course instructors.

Basic Grammar for All writers should be considered a pre-requisite and valuable resource for any student enrolling in Webster’s Academy Courses. No prior experience is required to register for this audit-only course.

Course Curriculum

Basic Grammar for All Writers – Unit 1 00:30:00

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