Creative Structures Part 2


Creative Structures is an advanced level course designed for middle and high school students, who want to expand their repertoire of skills, with in-depth instruction on structural models designed to enhance their creative writing. The depth of the course requires that it be split into two parts to adequately cover the structural models.

Creative Structures 2 is a 5 week/ 1 hour video class per week focusing on each of the first set of structural models, which include:

  • How to include “personification”
  • How to effectively include “allusions”
  • How to incorporate creative devices like foreshadowing, irony and sarcasm.
  • How to write “allegory” and use “allegorical” references.
  • How to add poetry and poetic devices into your creative writing.

By the end of this course students will expand their writing to that of anecdotal compositions. Following the structural models taught literally “forces” creativity. These structural and stylistic tools empower students even when required to write creatively “on demand”.

Each lesson includes a written assignment that will be marked by a Webster’s instructor before the student moves on to the next lesson.

Pre-requisite: Creative Writing 1 or 2 and Creative Structures 1 should be considered as a minimum requirement before attempting this advanced level course.

Course Curriculum

Student Orientation FREE 00:30:00
Creative Structures 2 – Week 1 00:42:00
Creative Structures 2 – Week 2 00:40:00
Creative Structures 2 – Week 3 00:40:00
Creative Structures 2 – Week 4 00:40:00
Creative Structures 2 – Week 5 00:49:00

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