Essay Writing 1 – Complimentary


EW 1 – (Grades 7 +)

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NOTE: This Complimentary Course only allows access to the first lesson of the course. NO marking will be provided in this course.

6 weeks/ 1 hour class per week
No previous experience with Excellence in Writing program.

• Students will work on one Basic Essay beginning with the structure of ‘how to’ write an essay following the ‘formula’.
• Completing the essay with style will result in a well-developed, intelligent and sophisticated model.

In this 6 week course, students will learn how to write a complete basic essay –
an essay with an introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Focus will be on learning to do basic research, making key word outlines, and then learning to write from those outlines. Emphasis will be on writing complete sentences and eliminating fragments, run-on sentences, and comma splice sentences. Students will learn style techniques to improve their writing, such as sentence openers and dress-ups. Student will be encouraged to proofread their work each week, and to incorporate teacher feedback in their assignments.

EW1 – Week 1 – choosing topics, and making outlines from each individual source covering the topic
EW1 – Week 2 – making fused outlines, and writing from the outlines
EW1 – Week 3 – working on sentence structure by adding six different sentence openers to each paragraph
EW1 – Week 4 – working on sentence structure by adding six different dress-ups to each paragraph
EW1 – Week 5 – using more advanced dress-ups, and learning the structure of an introduction
EW1 – Week 6 – learning the structure of a conclusion; title

Course Curriculum

Student Orientation FREE 00:30:00
Essay Writing 1 – Week 1 Complimentary 01:15:00

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