Frequently Asked Questions

Who should take Webster's online writing courses?

Any student at any grade level, from elementary to university levels will experience immediate improvement in their writing, their grades and their personal confidence.
If you have been frustrated with your student’s writing, why wait any longer?
If your student would benefit from outside objective feedback, these live online writing courses may just be the answer.
If you as the teacher/parent are unsure of how to assess, edit, or encourage your students in the writing process, or would benefit from the outside teaching and feedback, online writing courses may be the solution.

Who are the instructors

All our instructors have been trained by Master Teachers of the Blended Structure and Style Program (Excellence in Writing ) in our week-long training sessions. In addition, all have demonstrated great competency in communicating with their students in achieving the results they have been trained to deliver.

What courses are offered?

Courses are offered in Creative writing and Academic Research/Report and Essay Writing. All courses have been created using the Blended Structure & Style method developed by Dr. J. B. Webster.

What if my students have previous experience with the EIW (Excellence in Writing) program?

When you register your students, please add any such information to the comment section. The benefit of Webster’s courses is the marking and commenting by the instructors that is given with each lesson. Remember, the students are honing a skill, not merely learning a subject.

What if my student has no prior experience with Excellence in Writing?

Not a problem. The courses assume no experience with the program.

What is the time commitment to homework each week?

Each week your student will receive homework, which must be completed before accessing the next class. In general, homework will require about 2 – 3 hours per week. Once the instructor receives and marks the assignment, the student will receive the next lesson.

How do students submit homework?

Most courses have an introductory video that demonstrates how assignments are to be handed in to the marking instructor. The student will submit assignments from within their student account for each course.

Do you mark the homework?

Yes, all homework is marked by the teacher with personalized comments and suggestions. The EIW (Blended Structure & Style) program uses a checklist approach for all the assignments. All skills taught, all mechanics required will be on the checklist and a grade can be assigned.

What software or hardware do I need?

You will need high speed internet access. You will need either a PC or a Mac computer with Microsoft Word.
You do not need any new software for the classes. To access the classes you will be sent an introductory email from Webster’s giving instructions on how to get started.

Do I need a webcam?

In the past, Webster’s Academy offered live classes that required students to participate in scheduled classes with webcams and interactive software. Currently all Webster’s classes are recorded for convenient viewing at any time. Students do not have to appear on camera. All assignments are marked and graded by the instructor before the next lesson is given to the student.

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