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FREE! “Here’s Your First Lesson of the Creative Structures Course 1 from Webster’s Academy For Free?”

Creative Structures Courses 1 & 2 are designed for students who have completed some basic courses with Webster’s Academy or the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW®) including Paragraph Writing and Creative Writing. This course is ideally suited for middle school, junior and senior high school students who wish to expand their creative writing skills with structure and style. The complete course (in two parts) covers the following:



The Five Senses

Triple Extensions

The G-P-G Paragraph Structure

Similes & Metaphors


The 5 W’s

3 SSS (Short Staccato Sentences)

Dramatic Openings/Closings







Bonus Section: Poetry

Here are the handouts for Week 1 of Creative Structures 1

Click on the links at the bottom of this page and print before the first class. BINDER PAGES The first link will be the cover sheet for this course. Place it in a 3 ring binder and place the Tab pages behind it. *If this is your first course with Webster’s Academy print the Student Resource Packet tabs as well. These tabs should be inserted at the back of your binder.

  • CS1 Cover page
  • CS1 Tab Pages
  • Student Resource Packet Tabs

Place the following behind Week 1 tab

  • Model Flashbacks
  • Week 1 Student
  • CS1 Week 1 Checklist

For instructions on how to format your homework using Word, follow the instructions on this video.

Once you have downloaded all the documents you need, you are ready to watch the pre-recorded class. Enjoy!


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